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Quran With Translation

Learn to translate the Quran with Rising Quran online School Quran translation course. We help understand Quran translated into English and Urdu. The course is taught by certified tutors who have years of experience teaching Tafseer and Translation of the Quran. With no age and gender limitations, 24/7 availability, flexible schedule of classes, customized packages, male and female tutors, we provide the best online course.
The following teaching methodology will be covered in this course:

  1. The Quan tutors are delivering lectures one on one interaction basis.
  2. Students learn the meaning of the Arabic words daily.
  3. They will get the meaning of verses words by words.
  4. The meaning of the verses in detail is explained to the students.
  5. After the literal translation, the students will guide the contextual meaning of the words and verses.
  6. By the end of the course, the teachers will organize an exam.
  7. After passing the exam, the students will understand the whole meaning
    of the verses and their implications.
  8. The students will also get the complete knowledge of the Tafseer of Quran according to the contextual meaning of Surahs.

Learn Quran Translation:

The Quran is in the Arabic language. It is better when you study the Quran with translation as it will help you understand the actual meaning of it and have a significant influence on your daily lifestyle as well. Rising Quran Online School offers translation courses at affordable prices and defines the easy way to learn Quran translation.

Rising Quran Online School classes only hire experienced teachers. Certified tutors teach the Tajweed and translation of the Quran without any limitation of age and gender. Everyone is treated equally irrespective of

  •  Race
  •  Cast
  •  Age
  •  Gender.  

We provide 24/7 availability for your convenience and as per your expectations. Flexible schedules of classes are defined for your ease.

We have the best teacher that helps you learn the Quran translation in English. Customized packages are provided to our customers and male and female staff are provided for the best online translation course. Tutors deliver lectures on a one on one interaction basis without neglecting any student. Special guidance is provided to the beginner. We guarantee you a biased free environment for your children to learn.

How to Learn Word to Word Translation of Quran:

It is not difficult to learn the word-to-word translation of the Quran if you choose the expert services. The best way to learn Quran translation is to choose our translation courses. We use the teaching methodologies that will differentiate us from other online schools. Students learned the meaning of Arabic words daily with us. Our teachers also make them understand the meaning of verses word by word.

Our teachers understand the importance of every verse and deliver every meaning of the word in detail to the students. The translation is provided in every language that you require. We have different experts from different countries who join us on our platform to deliver the best services. We aim to provide everyone with authentic Quran services.

Literal translations are provided to the students and after that contextual meaning of the words and verses are delivered to them for their better growth. Our teachers will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and grow according to the needs of Islam. Everything is properly organized by our teachers. Proper exams are conducted as per the schedules.

Learn Quran with Urdu Translation Word by Word:

Rising Quran Online School has expertise in different languages and offers you to learn online Quran with Urdu translation within a reasonable time. Students will understand the whole meaning of the verses and their implications. Complete knowledge of the Quran is given in the Urdu language to make your understanding better.

We offer custom plans to more than three students. We have been providing our online Quran courses since 2015 without any limitations and biases. We will help you learn Quran translation in Urdu in advanced and easy ways. Objectivity is not compromised and exclusive services are provided by our expert teachers.

Contact us for further information. You can enroll your child with us to get the best translation courses as per your requirements. Only advanced teaching methodologies are used and keen attention to the little details are provided to your child. We offer our services at affordable prices and aim to make Quran learning easy and affordable for everyone