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The Quran is the holy book of Islam, and Muslims believe that it is the word of God. The Quran is a collection of religious teachings and directions from God to his prophet Muhammad. Muslims study the Quran in order to learn about their religion and to understand God’s instructions. There are many different translations of the Quran, and many people use Online Quran classes to learn about the Quran.

There are many online Quran classes for beginners available, and each one offers a different approach and style of learning. Whether you prefer a more traditional approach with discussion and commentary, or a more interactive learning experience with exercises and quizzes, there is a Quran class for you. Quran Lessons Online are Available at our website.

Best Online Quran Classes

There are many different online Quran courses available. Some classes are free, and others cost money. It is important to choose a Quran class that is right for you. If you are interested in learning more about the Quran, or in finding a Quran class that is right for you, Rising Quran online classes are a great option. Looking for an Islamic learning resource that is both affordable and convenient? Look no further than online Quran course! There are many different options available, and each offers a unique way to learn the Qur'an. Learn Quran Classes online at rising quran with free demos.

Learn Online Quran

There are a variety of online Quran classes in USA available to Muslims in the US. These classes can provide Muslims with a basic understanding of the Quran and provide opportunities for Muslims to ask questions and discuss the Quran with other Muslims. Online Classes for Quran are availvle in USA and UK. Contact for more info.

Benefit of Online Quran Classes

There are many different benefits to taking an online Quran class. One important benefit is that you can learn the Quran at your own pace. You can learn as much or as little as you want, and you can continue to learn the Quran even when you are not able to attend a class. Our Online Quran Class for adults and Online Quran classes for kids are the best with expert tutors.

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Online Quran Learn Academy

There is no doubt that online Quran learning is a great way for ladies to learn the Islamic holy book. Not only are they convenient, but many teachers are experienced and knowledgeable. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the Quran and to improve your knowledge about Islam.  There are separate ladies teachers for Online Quran Classes For Ladies, adults and kids. Our online Quran Learning academy have experts who teach with best methods.

Why Choose us?

There are many websites that offer Quran learning material. Some of these websites offer audio recordings, while others offer text versions of the Quran. There are also websites that offer translations of the Quran, and others that offer commentary on the Quran. Our Website Online Quran Classes are best among the others. We are the best learning Quran School. Rising Quran Online school is best choice for you. Contact us today!

Our Courses

Quran Courses


This course is designed as the first step into Quran Learning for kids. . This course establishes the primary ground for understanding and reading Quran correctly.

Important Duas

Learning Dua is necessary for every Muslim man and woman, especially for Muslim kids. In this course, you r kids will learn to make dua online with highly-qualified Islamic scholars.

Qirat Course Arabic Accent

In this course, the students are taught the rules of Tajweed and are trained in recitation with Tarteel. After going through this course, the students recite the Holy Quran with correct Makharij .

Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization is memorization by heart. Quran Memorization course is mainly designed for those who have already taken Nazra-e-Quran.

Quran Reading

Learning Quran for beginners is a unique course that aims at every Muslim present around the globe to learn to read Quran online by experts

Quran With Tajweed

Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning proper pronunciation during Quran recitation, as well as recitation at a moderate speed. Learn with our experts

Tution Courses

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