6 Kalimas

Six Kalimas is a collection of six Islamic phrases that are recited in various rituals and on various occasions. These 6 phrases have immense significance in Islam, as they represent the core teachings and beliefs of the religion. They serve as an essential source of guidance to their followers.

The 6 Kalimas include:

1) La ilaha illal-lah (There is none worthy of worship besides Allah).

2) Muḥammadur rasul-llah (Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).

3) Ashhadu an la ilaha illallahu wa ashadu anna Muhammadar Rasullallah (I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His messenger).

4) Subhanallah, Walhamdulillah, Wala ilaha illallahu, Wallahu Akbar (glory be to Allah, praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest).

5) Astaghfirullah (I seek forgiveness from Allah).

6) Allaahumma Antas-Salaam Wa minkas-salaam tabaarakta Ya Dhal jaleel Al-Azheem (Oh God! You are peace, and all peace emanates from you. O Possessor of Majesty and Honor, you are blessed!

These six phrases also serve as a reminder of our faith in Islam, as well as a source of comfort for those who recite them.

Six Kalimah are sometimes recited multiple times a day by Muslims to reaffirm their faith and devotion to Allah.

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