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Quran With Tajweed

What is Tajweed?

Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning proper pronunciation during Quran recitation, as well as recitation at a moderate speed. It is a set of rules which govern how the Quran should be read.

Rules of Reading Quran
  1. One should understand that the Quran is not the word of man.
  2. The reader should throw away all other thoughts.
  3. One should understand the meaning.
  4. One should be humble.
  5. One should feel that every message in the Quran is meant personally for himself or herself.
  6. One should understand the proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet.
  7. One should be vigilant of the purity of body, clothes, and place.
  8. One is encouraged to face the Qiblah.
  9. One should stop at a verse of warning and seek protection from Allah.
  10. One should stop at a verse of mercy and ask Allah for mercy.
  11. One should use pure classical Arabic pronunciation, without foreign or dialectic influence.
10 Facts Of Holy Quran

Quran with Tajweed Online:

As the world is affected by the covid 19 situation the educational system changed as well. Everyone is inclined toward online services. Rising Quran Online School offers Quran recitation services online at affordable prices. You not only learn how to recite the Quran but also know the importance of the Quran with a Tajweed.  We offer basic understanding about

  • Basic Duas
  • Islamic History
  • Tajweed
    Tajweed is an Arabic word that means proper pronunciation during Quran recitation. It is a set of rules which govern how the Quran should be read. Rising Quran Online School only hires expert teachers that can have a significant influence on your learning. We make you understand the importance of recitation at a moderate speed as well.

Quran with Tajweed rules is defined for you so that you can easily understand and recite Quran Pak. Most of the online schools are providing these services. Our continuous check and balance on our teachers and regular testing of our teachers make us different from all other online schools.

Quran with Tajweed Rules Online:

Many websites provide you with the basis on how to read the Quran with keen attention to little details. We define a set of rules for your online classes that will help you to understand that the Quran is not the word of man but Allah, which needs sheer attention to all the details. Our expert teachers help you to throw away all your other thoughts and make you drench in the actual meaning of the Quran with tajweed.

We offer different programs as per your requirements at different cut rates. You can choose your Quran with Tajweed rules as per your expectations and requirements. If you’re looking for the Quran with Tajweed Surah Yaseen you can contact us. Our experts will provide you with better services. Our services are neutral for everyone. No matter what your age or language or race we provide adequate services according to your requirements.

Only professionals provide Quran with Tajweed Online free services at Rising Quran Online School. If you’re looking for the best Quran with Tajweed English translation and transliteration, we are the one you should opt for exclusive services. We provide a different set of rules for your ease that will help you understand and grasp the concept of the Quran with Tajweed.

Quran with Tajweed Color Coded:

A different set of rules are defined by us for the ease of our customers. Colors leave a patch on the Human brain that will make them remember something easily and for a long time. Quran with Tajweed colors helps many of our customers to understand the importance and rules of the Quran with significant effects. 

Our experts help you understand every message in the Quran that is personally meant for every human being. You can get a better understanding of the proper pronunciation of Arabic alphabets. Colors will help you to be vigilant regarding the concepts of the Quran and the purity of body clothes in place. Our teaching will give you the courage to face the qibla.

Different Arabic alphabets are distinctive with different colors that will help everyone to read the Quran properly and without any mistakes. Our teacher’s guidelines will help you realize that one should use pure classical Arabic pronunciation without any dialectic influence. Rising Quran Online School has been providing services since 2015 and is the best guideline for beginners. Contact us for further information. you can trust us with our services. we also Provide quran reading for beginners pdf  files to read and learn easily.