Learn Online Iqra Qaida

Iqra Qaida is an elementary Islamic book designed to teach the basics of reading and understanding the Quran. Iqra Qaida is composed of a series of small lessons, or steps, that are intended to help students learn how to read the Quran with accuracy and fluency. Iqra Qaida teaches by combining words and pictures, providing students with a visual aid as they learn. Iqra Qaida also promotes memorization, repetition, and practice to ensure that students can retain information. Iqra Qaida is used by teachers in madrasas (Islamic schools) throughout the world as well as being taught at home by parents. 

It is seen as an important tool for learning about Islam, promoting literacy among children, and encouraging religious traditions such as reciting the Quran. Iqra Qaida is an important part of Islamic education and should be read by all Muslim children, regardless of their level of ability or background. Iqra Qaida helps to ensure that students can accurately and fluently read the Quran to better understand its teachings. Iqra Qaida is a valuable tool for helping students learn about Islam, gain literacy skills, and become more knowledgeable about their religion. 

Iqra Qaida also guides how to properly recite the Quran with the correct pronunciation. It includes rules for recitation such as Tajweed and Tarteel, which help improve accuracy when reading aloud from the holy book.

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