Terms & Conditions

  • There is no confirmation that the makeup class will be held.
  • The makeup class will be held after the tutor is addressed properly and a time is chosen which is okay for both parties.
  • The students who do not show up for class will be marked absent by the tutor.
  • You are required to cancel a class 6 hrs before the class.
  • We reserve the right to change any tutor that we want.
  • The students are expected to not exchange any extra information with their tutor. The academy will not be responsible for any unfortunate incident between the student and the tutor.
  • Once a tutor has been terminated, the student is required to break all modes of communication with him.
  • You should expect a 6/7% increase in fees every year.
  • Students must not exchange fee details with the tutor.
  • No makeup classes or fee refunds are carried out on the Eid holidays. Eid holidays are considered as paid leave for the tutors.
  • We reserve the right to bring in changes to our terms and conditions.

You should feel free to contact us whenever you want. We are here to assist you in every way we can. Our contact details are available on our page. We acknowledge your positive feedback as well. You should feel comfortable in letting us know anything that you want ut to include or delete on our page.